Entrance Exam for Work in the United States

Foreign Nursing Proficiency FNP Certification

Importance of obtaining the FNP Certification

FNP Certification is required by all healthcare providers of AFNPA. This certification is the employment entrance requirement. Candidates who successfully obtain FNP
Certification are eligible for the Professional Career Advancement Program. This program is a matching program for employment. 

 The importance of obtaining the FNP Certification is to demonstrate emphasis in all areas of nursing to the employer. The FNP certification assesses the ability of applicants working in a hospital or clinic setting. Trained professionals have an equivalent or higher competence of understanding of certified nursing assistant. The FNP certification exam will assess both clinical and conceptual knowledge. 

FNP Certification Requires:

* All material is included in one exam.

Candidates who successfully pass the FNP exam will be award FNP certification.

Application Details Qualification Requirements Exam Information Fees

Application Process

For members, login to your AFNPA system account, under Certifications select FNP Exam. For non-member candidates, register on www.afnpa.org.org, to become a member or select TCP Candidate to continue.
Pay for the Certification Program fees.
Upload or mail in required qualification documentations.

Qualification Requirements

To be eligible for the exam, foreign nurses must complete at least 24 months of professional nursing education.
Provide a copy of your home country personal identification card, such as a Drivers License or Citizens ID card.
Provide a passport standard photo.
Once all requirements have been met, you will receive an email verification regarding your eligibility to take the exam. If you are eligible to take the exam, you will be given an Exam Identification Form (EIF) to select your exam date and attend your exa
For students who are currently still in school, provide a copy of your most recent school transcripts. Upload them to the AFNPA system or mail them to the provided address. If you are mailing in the documentations please have your school student record de
For students who already graduated, provide one copy of your nursing school diploma and transcripts.

Exam Information

  • Exam Format

    The FNP Qualifying Exam has both Internet-based and paper based exams for candidates to choose from. Questions utilize a multiple choice and question & answer format. The exam will take 120 minutes.
  • Bring to exam

    Your Exam Identification Form (EIF)
    Home country personal identification card.
  • Exam result

    With in 15 business days, you would be able to access your exam result through AFNPA system.
    If you pass the exam, after a finial review of all documents, your certifica tion will be mail to you with in one month.


  • Certification
  • Description
  • Fees
FNP Certification Program application
Included both exam and certification fee
Order Second certificate
Reprocess an expired re-examination application
With in 12 months from the expiration date